Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Business Casual

My friend Kat recently decided to start "dressing up" for work. Over the past week or so, I've seen her transformation (and her shopping lists lol) and it's amazing! Not to say that she looked terrible in the beginning, but I love how stylish she's been looking lately, and yesterday I was so impressed (and in love with her shoes) that I had to take a picture. Especially since I've been too lazy to put up any of my own outfit posts.

It's amazing what some heels - or in this case wedges - and a blazer can do. Blazers have already been my go-to article of clothing lately, because I like the way they make any outfit look a little more polished, and scarves.. well, I ALWAYS have a scarf with me. They can always add a bit of color to any outfit and its just practical to have one especially in the Bay Area (where the weather is completely unpredictable). But I love how Kat dressed down what could have been a potentially boring, semi-suit outfit with cuffed, stone wash semi-ripped jeans. Love love LOVE.


Melis said...

hey! those shoes are super cute! check out my blog and etsy! i just put up a lookbook for it :)

AsianCajuns said...

Awesome wedges - actually, awesome outfit!

Blazers are definitely one of the best items that create a more pulled together look. My favorite blazers are ones that look really structured, but are super comfy.