Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Bodies Exhibit: San Jose Tech Museum

On Saturday Irwin and I went to the San Jose Tech Museum to check out the Bodies Exhibit. I was really excited to see the various displays of the human body, and not in a form that I'm used to seeing. These were actual body parts, donated to the exhibit for the purpose of being displayed. It kinda made me not want to eat beef jerky again, but it also scared me away from ever smoking, eating anything that will increase my cholesterol/clog my arteries, and just make my insides look black or clogged. It was pretty interesting, but we weren't allowed to take pictures in that exhibit. So afterwards we went exploring and playing with all the cool little gadgets they had throughout the museum. Even got a robot to spell out our names... (although it could never get Irwin's name right, spelling it with a "b" instead of an "r". But all in all, awesome day date!

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Strawberry Freckleface said...

The Bodies exhibit was amazing. Was the "baby" room displayed? freaking crazy.

strawberry freckleface