Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Bodies Exhibit: San Jose Tech Museum

On Saturday Irwin and I went to the San Jose Tech Museum to check out the Bodies Exhibit. I was really excited to see the various displays of the human body, and not in a form that I'm used to seeing. These were actual body parts, donated to the exhibit for the purpose of being displayed. It kinda made me not want to eat beef jerky again, but it also scared me away from ever smoking, eating anything that will increase my cholesterol/clog my arteries, and just make my insides look black or clogged. It was pretty interesting, but we weren't allowed to take pictures in that exhibit. So afterwards we went exploring and playing with all the cool little gadgets they had throughout the museum. Even got a robot to spell out our names... (although it could never get Irwin's name right, spelling it with a "b" instead of an "r". But all in all, awesome day date!

Greenhearts Family Farm

A friend at work was telling me about becoming a CSA member (community support of agriculture), which basically entails signing up to support a farm, and in return, the farm will send you fresh produce straight from their farm and deliver it to your door. After researching some farms near me, I decided to go with Greenhearts Family Farm. I was so excited to open my first package, it was like Christmas Day. The vegetables are great, and the fruit was sweet. Plus, I'm not ingesting any pesticides, and since it's coming direct from the farm, I'm not losing the nutrients that are somewhat lacking in store bought veggies (that are often shipped from far away). Greenhearts family also has a set up at the Ferry Building Farmers Market, but since I hardly wake up early enough to go, this is a great alternative. It forces me to eat my vegetables and also to try some that I never would have chosen.

Thanks for the tip Tina!

Messy Side Braid Pony Thing

H&M trench and jeans, Banana Republic sweater

Wore this outfit on Wednesday. I had almost forgotten about these boots, but this on/off rainy weather reminded me to use them. My hair is also semi long enough to put in a weird, messy, side braid/ponytail thing. I liked it. The boyfriend did too. Sometimes I get lucky when I play around with my hair in the morning.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rattle Pops for Baby Jacob

I made these back in January for another baby shower for a friend. Red Velvet, and now I wish I had taken pictures of the way they were displayed for the shower because it was so cute. Red Velvet as requested by the parents-to-be.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Christmas 2010 (3 months later)

After sorting through what seemed like a thousand pictures, I finally was able to upload all my favorites. Warning: lengthy picture post!

Christmas Cake Pops

I cranked out about 100 Christmas Cake Pops within the span of 12 days, just before Christmas. I had to get Irwin to help me make these because there was no way I could have done them all by myself. All red velvet. All came out perfect.