Monday, February 21, 2011

365 Photo Project

On my birthday, I decided it would be a good time to start my year long photo project, a picture a day until my next birthday. I've always wanted to do it but I waited for the "appropriate" time, and decided that the year I entered my late 20's would be as good a time as any to start this project. I'm loving it so far, and it's surprisingly easy (with the help of my iPhone). It'll be interesting to see how these images progress, or just see how random they get...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The day after my birthday, Irwin told me to pack for the weekend because we were going to leave right after work. I was excited and anxious, anxious because I had no idea what to pack. All he had said was to pack something nice and just regular clothes. I managed to throw all sorts of outfits into my overnight bag to only use one. We get to the airport, and as we're in line for security, he hands me my boarding pass: VEGAS??!! I was extremely excited because that meant I would be able to see my bff, Uri. If that were the sole reason we were there, I would have been just as happy.

It turns out he had one more surprise up his sleeve: The Beatles "Love" show.

Did I ever mention I'm a Beatles fan? Well I am. I LOOOOOOOOOVE them. And Irwin picked the show and decided it was perfect to fulfill my Beatlemania-ness and complete his Valentine's Day "requirement".

The weekend was absolute perfection. Irwin scored a huge suite at Thehotel at Mandalay Bay, we honestly could have fit another 2 couples in there, and discovered a second bathroom on the second day. It also had this awesome little "kit" in the snack bar of our room, called "the Love Box". It was an intimacy kit. You can imagine what was in there... Lunch at Hash House a Go Go where I had the best Bloody Mary of my life, possibly because it had bacon in it. Yup. Bacon. And white toast. Trust me, it was delicious. The portion sizes were ridiculous. Apparently this place was on Man vs. Food - to finish a REGULAR sized plate of food. It was completely delicious though. Then shopping galore at the ginormous Forever 21 at Fashion Show Mall - we got lost, and just when we thought the store was ending, we'd walk into another room. Then chilled for a bit, and went to the show. AH-mazing. At one point in the show, the cast walked off into the audience, and lucky me, I had an empty seat near the aisle, and one of the cast members sat there and put his arm around me. Sweeeeet. Now I can't stop listening to the Beatles.

I'm so lucky, blessed, thankful, for the most wonderful boyfriend/best friend I could ever have. I was smiles all weekend. I love you my dear, thank you again for the best birthday/Vday ever.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Heart

After only 4 hours of sleep, we came back from my surprise birthday weekend, and rather than go to sleep, I decided I had enough energy to bake some Valentine's cupcakes. Devil's chocolate with strawberry cream, sprinkled with grated dark chocolate and a heart strawberry. I loved the combination of strawberry and chocolate, which was basically a remix of my favorite strawberry cupcake recipe. This also gave me a chance to try out the Oneida two tiered cupcake holder my friend Kat gave me for Christmas. It's pretty damn awesome.

On a side note, Happy Valentine's Day! I had the toughest time choosing a card from TinyPrints, so I chose 3 that I'm giving le bf throughout the day. He's lucky he can combine my birthday and Vday and knock it all out in one weekend, but I have to say this was the best birthday surprise ever. Amazing birthday weekend ^_^

Friday, February 11, 2011


Mossimo tee, Forever 21 cardi, Normal Kamali blazer, Jeffrey Campbell Leopard Pixie (corset) wedge, Hostess Cupcake

Turned 27 on the 9th, and pranced around in an old park with my balloons and scared away an old man and his dog. Loved my little Hostess Cupcake though. I was dreading my birthday, but it actually turned out nice, really low-key. I've never felt more loved than I did that day. I have the greatest family and friends I could ask for, and apparently I have more to look forward to. I have to say, 26 was a fantastic year, and I can't wait to see what 27 has in store for me.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to: Messy Top Bun

So my friend Zinnia asked me how I did my top bun and found out that I couldn't explain it without showing to her. So hopefully, this helps. The leave-in conditioner I use is from the Body Shop, it smells like blueberries but I don't see it in the store anymore. Kinda sad cuz I'm in love with the smell and how soft it makes my hair. It also helps keep it soft and healthy throughout the day.

Sorry for the out of focus/stepping out of the frame/washed out lighting. And the random mark on my shirt. I think it's makeup. Maybe. First time making this kind of video. Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Bun

Electric sunglasses, vintage earrings, H&M sheer shirt, Bijoux pashmina

I've been digging this whole messy high bun lately. Feel kinda ballerina-ish, which reminds me that I'm the only person in the world who hasn't seen Black Swan yet. Anyway, had a fantastic weekend with Irwin's family in San Diego, so much so that it took all of Sunday and today to feel normal again. I really do love it down there, the weather, the people.. maybe one day. And I finally found the cable for my DSLR, so I can upload Xmas pics. Better late than never right?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Work Work Work

H&M blazer and sheer tanks, Gap 1969 jeans, Aldo wedges, Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag

I've been really into blazers lately, not sure why. Maybe so I feel like less of a slob when I go to work? This outfit was my favorite so far, mainly because it was perfect for the weird, warm-for-January weather we've been having, and because it was the quickest outfit I pulled out of my closet this year. Work has been crazy busy, and I hope it dies down soon. I'm so drained from work that all I want to do is play Bloons TD4 when I get home - I'm an iPhone addict (help me). I usually save this bag for travelling, but it's been such a great help holding all the useless crap I carry with me all the time: camera, planner, copious amounts of food/candy, KOR delta water bottle, basically my whole life. I will definitely be using this when I go to San Diego this weekend for a wedding. I've got 3 weddings to go to this year, not too bad considering, and two of them are in Vegas. Hopefully I can sneak in some time with the nieces while I'm there.

Anyway. Since today is February 1, and all January I've been pretty much... lazy, I've decided to finalize my New Year's Resolutions:

1. Eat healthier - All January I ate marshmallows. I should stop before I start to look like one.
2. Exercise more - I need to get back into running, my energy level has been so low lately.
3. Read more - I vow to read (and finish) a book every month.
4. Improve my baking skills - Cake pops are fun to make, but I think I want to go back to regular cupcakes for now, possibly cakes too, perhaps cookies and macarons?
5. If I have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all - I'm a pretty honest and straight forward person, but I've slowly realized that people really just can't handle the truth. Either that, or they just don't want to hear it. So for that reason, my lips are sealed.

Okay, gotta go, Bloons is calling me. Happy (really) belated New Year!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vegas Christmas via iPhone (Part 2)

My adorable nieces are addicted to the iPhone and Photobooth on the Mac. I miss them soooo much!

And I got to hang out with Uri and see her gorgeous new apartment - and naturally we went to get ice cream.