Monday, January 31, 2011

Vegas Christmas via iPhone (Pt. 1)

Finally getting my act together. I've been taking a month long vacation and just relaxing and enjoying the new year. That and I thought my computer died so I couldn't upload pictures and/or blog - but it turns out the computer wasn't broken so I was just enjoying being lazy. I have yet to upload other pictures from Xmas and New Year, but I finally figured out how to download pics from my iphone to my mac.

Missing the fam already....

landing in LA, Mia, sleeping Mochi, Indian Bella, Bella taking pics of Mia and Caitlyn using Histogram, dericious cupcakes from The Cupcakery in Vegas - courtesy of Katrina, cheerleader Bella, sleeping Mia, our ice cream being made at Atomic #7 - liquid nitrogen was being "poured" into the mixers at this point, Healthy Heart with almond milk and agave sugar with whipped cream, Loren's Atom Split (I think - or it was a Strawberry Shortcake), Uri's Rocky Road (this place was amazing, making everything from scratch and choosing ur own ingredients, down to the sugar and milk, I need to go back there and try all the random ice cream mixes they had like.. Wasabi and Ginger?), me and Mia at Costco, Mia wearing my sunglasses, and the wonderful french braiding by Telley.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Say Cheeeeeese!

I've been back since Sunday, and I'm STILL trying to adjust to my normal routine. I hadn't even looked at blogs or even Facebook since before Christmas and I finally logged on yesterday to post some pictures. I still have to upload the pics and videos from Xmas/New Year, but for now, I want to post the music video my brother made for his girlfriend for their one year anniversary.
Cuz. It's so cute. And kinda cool. haha. love you doofus!