Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three More Days...

till Christmas!

I've finally got some down time (i.e. sitting here at the airport) and thought I'd post some new things. It's been fairly hectic since I got back from Disneyland, baking cake pops almost everyday after work, buying White Elephant gifts, last minute (oh shoot I forgot that person) gifts, sending out the cake pops, sending out Christmas cards, and oh yeah, work. I'm glad I'm finally done with everything. Now if my luggage would just get to me in one piece that would be awwwwesome.

Being at the airport reminds me how much I hate it. I hate going through security, having to watch my stuff all my time, having my hands full with .. stuff. But here are a few things that help keep me sane when going through security.

1. I take off all jewelry, belts, phones, accessories, an put it in my purse or carry-on before getting to the airport, usually in the car so I don't worry about dropping anything and losing it forever.
2. I make sure my laptop is accessible - it's usually on the side pocket of my roller, or in my Tumi backpack. Either way, its somewhere where I can easily grab it and put it in the ugly gray bucket.
3. And lastly - SHOES!! I make sure I'm wearing shoes that will easily slip on and off and I'll always wear socks. It's gross not to.

Simple right? It's amazing how often I'll still see people fiddling with their things as they're trying to get through security.

Anyway - here is an update of my life via iPhone (thanks for the idea Uri!)

pictionary at work, cold stone at work, my new nephew Kaelan, first batch of Christmas cake pops, experimenting with glitter gradient designs, "Christmas morning breakfast" at work, Thank You cupcakes from work, tower of Hennessey (not real), real fake tattoo, cake pop bouquet, pop rock chocolate candy, cheese and chocolate fondue at work, hanging out with my love at the airport before leaving

k boarding now... see you soon!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Disneyland Christmas

Disneyland during Christmas is even more magical than you can imagine. I love this place soooo much and I had a great time with Irwin, my bro and his gf, and my friend Thomas (aka Bui). There were a ridiculous amount of people there, but it didn't bother us at all. Rather than complain about the lines, we decided to stuff our faces the whole day. Nothing could get us down, and the weather was perfect, not too chilly or too warm. The best part of the night was watching the fireworks over the Sleeping Beauty castle, the fake snow, and everyone feeling all gushy while the lovey dovey Christmas music was playing. If you want to see the magical-ness, watch the video I took of the lighting ceremony of the castle. I want to go back every time.

Afterwards, we went to Uva bar in Downtown Disney to meet up with some old high school friends. LOVED seeing them! I didn't realize how much I had missed them till I saw them. I've missed my twin sister especially, so it was good to catch up with her.

Can't wait to be back home again for Christmas ^_^

Christmas Mochi and Pika Claus

Yes. I am one of those people who dress their dog. Purely for my own amusement. Poor Mochi. I think she actually feels shame when I'm laughing to tears at her. It's okay. I still love you Mochi. And Pika.. is.. ridiculously hyper. Can't say anything else about that crazy dog. The first three pictures are going into our Christmas cards - I took about a million pictures because they would not stop moving! Anyway.

Merry Christmas! Love, Mochi & Pika

My poor mom has to cover our furniture with sheets or else the dogs will mess it up! Despite how it seems in the video, Irwin and Mochi are bff's haha...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2010 Holiday Gift Guide

It's December 1st and the gift buying countdown has begun. I'm proud to say that I finished my Christmas shopping last weekend, but that hasn't stopped me from browsing. I'm really happy with all my purchases, including some of these items I couldn't resist buying for myself (i.e, the Laline Mousse Body Cream = I smell like a raspberry cupcake and my skin is oh-so-soft). And the newest version of my Kor Water bottle that I can't live without. But I managed to resist most purchases for myself (keyword: most) and I'm happy to be done with it. I wanted to list my top 10 gifts but couldn't resist adding the cardigan at the last minute because it looks so warm and would be the perfect gift to keep a good friend or family member warm. Now I just need to find the perfect wrapping paper and ribbon and I'll be set. Happy shopping!

1. Fuji Instax Mini - $130.00
2. Illume Boulangerie Jar - $16.00
3. Ray Ban P-Retro Cat Sunglasses - $135.00
4. Urban Decay, Book of Shadows - $54.00
5. Sweater Knit Boot - $14.00
6. Kor Delta Water Bottle - $19.95
7. Laline Cream de la Cream - $19.95
8. Cheap Monday Caitlin Glove - $61.00
9. Topshop Laptop Case - $40.00
10. Sephora by OPI Mini Collection - $22.00
11. Hold Me Close Cardigan - $59.99