Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Look: Dress N' Boots

Miss Selfridge dress, Kohl's vest and belt, random boots from Marshall's, F21 bag

On Cielo's last day with us, we went to get cupcakes in the Marina. It was a beautiful day in San Francisco.. I guess they got the memo that it was summer too late? The dress and boots I wore were perfect together that day, and I received many stares from girls who passed by me - what? haven't you seen a girl wear boots with a dress before? Oh Marina girls... Anyway, the boots were an awesome find at Marshall's - they were the first thing I saw on my hunt for some long, ugly skirts. And surprisingly light and comfortable. I'm addicted and have been wearing them with pretty much everything.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Heroics: A sneak peak

Last Saturday, I went to visit Devon's newly opened design studio/screen printing/store. I was so happy and proud to see how much he had accomplished. I still remember him selling tees out of his dorm room back at USF, and now he has his OWN store. It's great to see him come this far. I ended up being his assistant for the day, and it was really awesome to see his process.

_ The Heroics signage
_ A look inside the store - he was still setting up and you can kinda see the awesome screen printing machine in the back.
_ He was in the process of creating some tees for the production/rap group 1500 (who are an INCREDIBLE group of producers that have created so many hit songs that everyone knows and sings along to.. You may have heard of a lil song called "Billionaire" by Travi McCoy?).
_In that last shot he was making a special 1500 tee for me - for helping him out that day, woohoo!

All in all, my visit was unexpectedly productive. Check his stuff out at www.heroicsclothing.com. (I'm pretty much wearing out the Burnout Hoodie - one of my faves from his collection)

Can't wait to go visit again.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look: Not Too Shabby

Shabby Apple dress, f21 belt and earrings, Aldo shoes and bag

This post is loooong over due. I won this gorgeous Shabby Apple dress about a month ago from a contest hosted by the lovely ladies at AsianCajuns. I fell in love with the color and frilly drapes across the chest. It's so classy yet modern, and the material is so soft! It also reminded me that I do own something other than boots, so I busted out my peep toe pumps last worn on my birthday. Irwin says this dress looks like a Maria Clara dress because of the sleeves. I think this is better.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Look: Head Wrapped

Levi's jeans, AA top, VS bandeau, Mossimo shoes, F21 headband and backpack, random jewelry and hawaiian bracelets

The Pistahan Festival was today, so we went to celebrate all things Filipino. Enjoyed the food, the music, the performances, and best of all, seeing a swarm of Filipinos together in one place. Not that it's lacking here in the Bay, but its just nice to see a festival that celebrates Filipino culture... I'm so Pinay.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


puppy love. no pictures of mochi. she can't stay still when pika's around.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun Fun Fuuuuun!!

Went to the Giants game last week for our company's annual "Day at the Ball Park". Awesome times, and apparently the newest boy band emerged. Followed by a trip to Vegas for my nieces' combo birthday party and to visit the bff. Board games and St. Germaine, didn't know how competitive my cousin was against her own bff's, but good times were definitely had and I wish it didn't end.

Friday, August 6, 2010

business and pleasure

had to go to LA for a quick work trip, stayed with the fam, enjoyed the fam, the food, the heat, and the dogs.
- took a picture of the toy soldiers my manager thought would look cool on the dashboard. amazing that it didn't melt in the hundred degree weather.
- my brother's dog Pika likes to sit behind your neck in the car, it was awkward at first, but she was so cute I tried my best not to move or bother her - she caught me mid-smile.
- my brother refuses to take a decent picture with me.
- Pika sitting on my brother's lap in the car. she falls asleep so fast.
- Venice beach at sunset.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hawaii Photo Diary pt. III

what's a vacation without stuffing my face? A few favorites (most of these pics were taken with Irwin's iphone4) - squid pancake from some hole in the wall japanese spot, fresh poke and wasabi poke from Ono Seafood, iced matcha green tea latte with a green tea macaroon, Irwin's failed attempt at eating the Man vs Food pancake from Mac 24/7, seared furikake ahi tuna (best fish I've ever eaten in my life), a dutch baby from The Original Pancake House (will attempt to make this next week), chocolate souffle from Roy's (I think there was too much hype for this place, kinda disappointing), japanese style "cupcakes" from Satura (just found out there's one in Palo Alto. sorry Sprinkles, I'm gonna have to get to you later), waiting at Roy's freshly tanned, what I wish I was doing right now.. cuz my tan has pretty much disappeared. le sigh.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hawaii Photo Diary pt. II

hiking through the rainforest (where it really rained - poured actually, go figure) to get to Manoa falls, realized they must have filmed LOST somewhere in here, my camera lens got all foggy from the weird rain/humid weather causing the images to look more surreal and fairy tale like, which I absolutely loved, worried that I was going to get Leptospirosis from the water, saw a few of these trees with the tarzan looking vines on them - I swear there were homeless people living in there, and a couple more views from the top of Diamond Head