Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Give A Day


Saturday I went and did some community service for the "Give a Day, Get a Disney Day Free", with Uri and Ai. Always an adventure with those girls. We thought we'd be planting trees at Alemany Farm. Turns out we had to work with the Department of Public Works in "beautifying" the middle aisle of Alemany STREET. This involved picking up all the trash stuck in the bushes (surprisingly a lot of trash was thrown in there), and trimming the bushes, which wasn't too bad except that the clippers were heavy for our arms. Note to self: Start weight lifting. It was supposed to rain that day but it turned out to be beautiful when we finished.

Now we need to start planning a Disneyland trip! woohoo


jen said...

oooh! lemme know wen u go! get my pass on.

Maritess said...

Oh yes!!! I will definitely let you know!