Monday, February 22, 2010

A Celebration of Life


My aunt passed away a few days after my birthday, and I've been sort of a robot trying to get through the week until I went back home this past weekend. She was a beautiful person. I didn't get to see her or talk to her as often as I wish I had, but from my earliest memories of her, she was a beautiful person. A very elegant, graceful woman, who believed that I could do anything I wanted to. I was supposed to call her a few days before she passed away, but I had been so excited about my birthday plans that I just forgot.

I'm sorry Auntie Norma. I miss you and I love you very much.


Clara Campelo said...

beautiful pics

row`mel said...

im swinging on the top of the first picture :) / :(

ZDA said...

Again, I'm sorry for your loss... I'm glad you got to go home and be with your family during this time. She looked beautiful in those pics. :)

Maritess said...

aww yeah that is you Rommel.. and thanks Zin, she really was a beautiful woman :-)