Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolutions **Edited**

So after much contemplation on the things that I want to work on for this year, I've compiled my top 10. At the end of the year I will rate myself on how well I reached each goal. Wish me luck!

1. SAVE MONEY. Seriously. Just. Say. No.
2. Make dinner at least once a week.
3. Make something creative once a week - greeting card, poster, whatever - don't forget my graphic design skills.
4. BROWN BAG IT - only buy lunch once every two weeks (if necessary)
5. Read one book every month.
6. Run once a week (I wanted to make this twice a week, but thats totally pushing it), and run a marathon - lets say a half marathon, just to be on the realistic side .. haha
7. Care more about the things that matter, and brush off the things that don't.
9. Try to bring my family closer together - get rid of the drama
10. Stop being so stubborn/be more patient.

I'm starting to feel some anxiety after reading my list.. but I'm ready for the challenge!


AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Good luck, Maritess!!! I think this is a brilliant list! Some of my resolutions are on there too (why is it sooo hard to save?).
Happy, happy new year to you!!!

Maritess said...

Thanks Lauren! Ya, I need to take this list and go at it one day at a time.. Happy New Year!

Blicious said...

Love your list!!! bringing lunch is a good one. i already started to bring.