Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aruba, Jamaica, oooooh I wanna take ya...



This weather is seriously making me dream of Hawaii. I always go back to pictures of our first trip out there because it was really, the best. trip. ever. Don't get me wrong. I love the rain. But I miss running. In fact, I NEED to go running. The Kaiser 5K is coming up, and its not too long of a distance but STILL. I'm just craving a tan. Thats really what it is. And airy dresses with cute sandals. I was looking up some tropical destinations, and if it were up to me, I could go back to Oahu and be happy. But I'm thinking I should be open to other places. What tropical destination would you go to?


Blicious said...

i LOVE this weather! <3 but i know what you mean about running. it sucks....and then i find myself eating more. haha

Slaveia Alova said...

beauty :)