Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

After my accident, I still wouldn't consider 2009 a bad year. And at least it ended on a very high note. As always, I hope the next year will be more spectacular than the last, but I know that only I can make that possible.

Just a few things to reflect on.. the good and bad of 2009.

- turned 25, a good age, at least thats what I think
- celebrated our 3 year anniversary
- fought and made up through some of the toughest fights we've had
- prayed and prayed and lived to make my life better and help make other lives happier
- went to hawaii and made new friends
- got into a car accident
- got a new car
- got a promoted
- got a new view on how to live my life to the fullest
- got an idea of how to achieve my goals
- loved my family and my boyfriend like no one could ever love any other person
- lost the last 5 pounds I had needed to achieve my goal weight (so what if it took a whole year?)

My goals for 2010:
1. Quit smoking
2. Stop letting every little thing bother me
3. Visit my family more
4. Try and reconcile differences
5. Laugh more and really feel happy

In a few hours, we're heading into the mass chaos of San Francisco. Still have no idea what to wear, but my closet is about to explode so there's got to be SOMETHING there right?

Goodbye 2009, thank you for being good to me and my family.

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