Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Week Recap

Still not finished with all the pictures from Christmas week, but I've uploaded all my faves.

Surprise birthday party for Irwin's brother. (He was really surprised ^_^) Yummy food (mmm artichokes) and wii sports with the kids. Then snowboarding for the first time. I caught on surprisingly fast. I have more balance than I thought I did!

Then flew to LA:
Went last minute shopping like crazy, packed up the house and stuffed more gifts than luggage in the car! Didn't really have time to take pictures here, so lets move on to Vegas

Christmas Eve, did some more shopping, bought my mom and auntie gifts that they never thought they'd receive from me yet. Cousins came over with their kids and we had the best time watching them open their presents! (And in case you couldn't tell.. I was following Mia around with my camera.. She's so adorable!)

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