Friday, November 20, 2009

The Barber's Daughters

I'm completely infatuated with The Barber's Daughters. It's the new line of jewelry designed by Gisèle Theriault and Ms. Alicia Keys. I love the inscriptions and just how unique each piece is. They are wonderful and awe inspiring. Definitely putting the watch and the ring on my Christmas List.

Inscription Reads: "May you find inspiration and meaning soaked in the wonders of the imagination. Cradled in compassion of the heart, and hold a will to make a difference."

Inscription Reads: "Imagine if every time you looked at your wrist you were reminded to weave space into your tapestry of time and live from the heart, Imagine." -Gisele

Inscription Reads: "Blaze on with a fearless heart" -Alan Clements

via The Barber's Daughters


Unknown said...

i LOOOOOOOVE this jewelry line!! especially the three you picked out!

Pirate Hart said...

Hi Maritess! Yes I'm putting it on my X Mas list too haha So I just found out how to see if someone has commented on your post and saw your comment! Adding you to my blog roll!