Friday, October 30, 2009


My horoscope for today:
There is absolutely no excuse for feeling bored today! Even if there isn't much on your calendar, your phone hasn't been ringing, and no one is around to hang out with, you can entertain yourself for hours. While other poor souls can't ever feel comfortable by themselves, you won't have that problem today. When you're alone, you can do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. So enjoy a day of following your whims, wherever they take you. (

There was a time when I used to check my horoscope everyday. My roommate and I used to love reading our horoscopes before getting ready for class, it would set the mood for the day (sometimes). I found that it was right about 25% of the time, but nonetheless, I enjoy having a "forecast" for my day. Today's horoscope proved to be right. I was allowed to work from home today which was nice. Sat in my PJ's and was busy busy busy. But after I was done, Irwin came home, and I was bored.

.. UNTIL Uri introduced me to this new iPhone App called TextPlus. It basically allows you to prank text other people. I decided to pull one on Irwin. Too bad he was too preoccupied to get a funny reaction to the text. Must find someone else now...

Anywhoo.. Was looking through some other pictures from Hawaii that I had forgotten I loaded into my laptop. These are actually a few of my other favorites. The sushi is from Sansei and it was DELICIOUS. It was their special that I can't remember the name of now, but it was basically floating in a plateful of butter sauce. It was so rich I loved it! And the plate next to it is called the Dynamite Popcorn Shrimp. Despite being doused in this rich buttery sauce, it was still crunchy!




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