Sunday, September 20, 2009

on Broadway

Originally tried to go out to Thalassa but went to Broadway instead. Was kinda bummed but that meant I could dress up a bit more and I'd been waiting for a chance to wear the Free People dress I got from Fly.. ANNNNNDDD my Jeffrey Campbell over the knee boots. Fortunately the weather was perfect in the city that night. Love the boots. They definitely are going to be my go-to boots for going out in the SF cold. Saturday we finally went to Mecca and visited Irwin's cousin in Pittsburg. Mmmmmmm flour chips. Watched the Mayweather/Marquez fight. I was so torn as to who I wanted to win. I hope Pacquiao can take out Mayweather.. he was a lot faster than I thought he was. Can't WAIT for that fight! Then lazy Sunday today, washed Sadie so she's shiny and lookin brand new! Did some laundry, had some yummy bbq chicken/pineapple pizza while Irwin tried to explain football to me. He's trying to turn me into a Niner's fan.. but I couldn't focus on the game so he gave up lol.

Is it sad that I'm already waiting for next weekend??

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Blicious said...

your dress is gorgeous!!! i love the back!!! and hot boots!! :)