Tuesday, September 22, 2009

not your typical cup o' joe

Was researching coffee mugs to use at work (despite the fact that I don't drink coffee), and found these kinda awesome coffee mugs:


phi s t y l e said...

the mugs are pretty awesome. i'm an avid coffee drinker (i bought an automatic espresso maker 2 years ago that could have gotten me a pair of louboutins intead!), but i actually prefer drinking out of paper cups. i even buy paper cups w/ lids for at-home coffee drinking. i know, weird.

but that camera-mug is great! where is that one from?

Maritess said...

haha, I love how we equate things we buy to clothes/shoes we COULD have bought! The camera-mug was from gizmodiva.com, but unfortunately its just a concept mug (aka photoshop) Hopefully they make it reality soon.. that would be kinda awesome.. :-)

issa said...

OMG i love these mugs. so good.