Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moon Walking

I felt the need to make a separate post for my LA shopping day with Jenny. Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures (I never do that because I ALWAYS need to take pictures), but the sights and sounds of everything around me made me forget I had a camera.

First hit up Venice beach, which was kinda cool to see, but there was nothing particularly different that I couldn't see like say from the Santa Cruz boardwalk. So shopping along the beach was kind of a waste of time. Then went to a different part of Venice, not far from the beach, and looked around the cute boutiques. Was determined to buy SOMETHING so that going to Venice wouldn't be a total bust, so I bought this awesome Free People Slash Dress from this lovely boutique called Firefly.

Then got a little hungry and headed over to Toast Cafe, where first we saw one of the guys from Rage against the Machine (still don't know who it was), Ashley Parker Angel from O-Town, and Aaron Carter. Ashley is very pretty in person. I mean he was always pretty, but in person he's even more pretty. I don't understand it. And then on the way to the bathroom, Aaron Carter was blocking my way to the bathroom, and I couldn't tell if he was doing it as a joke or if he was just being an ass. Didn't matter anyway. Oddly enough I was looking to see if my friend Devon was with him as they work/hang out together sometimes, but since he wasn't there I didn't bother to say hi or introduce myself. I have to admit, although they aren't A-list people, I was still starstruck. I mean they LOOK like normal people!

We left Toast superbly happy with the "entertainment" and the meal. We then proceeded to look for Opening Ceremony which was a bit of a problem considering the sign was made of wires with no background to contrast against, which made us, the drivers/passengers completely miss it. It wasn't until I saw the "Open" in the word Opening that I realized that we had passed it. The shop was awesome, filled with stuff I could only dream of possessing. At first I only bought a couple of things from the Erin Wasson x RVCA line, but then Jenny and I walked over to the shoes and accessories section, and fell in love with these.

Hello Lovelies. Welcome to your new home.

After that, we decided we should end our shopping day on a good note, and left. ^_^ These are the most unbelievable shoes ever. So comfortable! Okay, time for me to sleep. Good night!


jen said...

THE most beautiful shoes in the world. wut a great day! i'm kinda excited for the next trip.... and the cooler weather it will be taking place in. we need to remember to take more pics

Blicious said...

AMAZING shoes!!! ugh i want!!!

AsianCajuns (Lauren) said...

Ooo all your purchases sound wonderful! And I have major shoe envy ;)
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Vern said...

amazing atacoma's