Friday, September 18, 2009


Came home after work yesterday in a foul mood.

What possesses people to drive like a maniac??? I will never understand it. I can understand it if I did something wrong and they decide to cut me off or do some other ridiculous move, but no. I seem to come across just general assholes.

Anyway, so foul mood yesterday. Didn't feel like whining to Irwin, but being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, he still picked up on it and tried to cheer me up by catching up on my shows (that I know he loathes) with me and getting a new DS game that he thought I might like. And to top off the evening he gave me a much needed shoulder rub while we watched Entourage. We're tv and gaming nerds what can I say.

I love him.

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AsianCajuns said... sweet! I love hearing stories about sweet guys - props to Irwin.