Monday, September 14, 2009

Empire State of Mind

awesome weekend. slept in. went to class. walked around our favorite store, fry's electronics. went home. spa night - mask, mani, pedi. tried the other matte color by sephora - black - What's a tire jack?. LOVE IT. came to the conclusion that i'm addicted to the matte look. thunder storms, lightning and rain = my favorite. makes staying in on a saturday night THAT much better. caught up on true blood. watched the season premiere of vampire diaries - it was so-so. i like the main girl. watched supernatural till i fell asleep. went to get new tires for irwin's car. wandered around costco and was mocked when i went to pay for a 3lb bag of almonds. "one thing? that's it??" funny costco people. went home. continued to watch supernatural till i fell asleep. caught up on the vma's. and am currently obsessed with new york (actually i have always been as it is my hometown, and oh how i long to go back). kanye west is a straight up ass. loved taylor swift's dress. and ms. keys and jay-z were off the motherf***ing hook.

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Blicious said...

your weekend sounds perfect!!! i love stay at home nights! xoxo