Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I have found my wedding song (and Irwin agrees ^_~ ). Love love. I couldn't find the actual version by Musiq Soulchild, but Passion does a pretty decent cover of it.

Monday, September 28, 2009


aww.. look at my bro.. he's all growned up. ::sniff sniff:: one of many posters for the various hip hop classes he teaches. I wanted to steal the leather jacket he's wearing, but hopefully he'll get me one anyway.


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Fabulous weekend! Friday, went to my CAB reunion (Campus Activities Board) and was all prepared to go bar hopping but Irwin and I got tired too early. Played a few rounds of skee ball and beat Irwin (sorry honey!!), learned how to play shuffleboard (and won!!) and trying to ignore the remarks of arrogance of a particular person who shall remain nameless. But it was still good times all around, seeing old friends I haven't seen since I graduated. Then went to Berkeley originally for some Top Dog, but ended up eating Thai food instead, which was just as good.

my bestie, Uri, starting off the night!
beating Irwin at Skeeball :-P
CAB presidents!

my shuffleboard partner Janice!

Didn't do anything on Saturday, slept in, caught up on Supernatural. (I'm hooked on way too many shows). Then today, woke up early to go to the California Academy of Sciences. Too bad my camera died so no pictures. I was so sad! It was a B-E-A-UUUtiful day! Perfect weather! And we happened to be there on their one year anniversary so they had a lot of extra activities to celebrate. I LOVED the planetarium.. It made me feel like I could completely reach out and touch the stars! Then we got hungry and went to the Sushi House in Alameda. On the way there, I was wondering where Tuckers was, and just as I did, I saw it! So after a delicious round of sushi where the waiter looked at us like we were fools for ordering 4 sushi rolls between the two of us.. we went over to Tuckers to stuff ourselves even more. LOOOOVE. It has that great old ice cream shop vibe.. you can tell people have been going there for years. And the ice cream was fantastic, not too rich.. it was just the way I like it.


I'm a very happy camper right now. ^_^

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

not your typical cup o' joe

Was researching coffee mugs to use at work (despite the fact that I don't drink coffee), and found these kinda awesome coffee mugs:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

on Broadway

Originally tried to go out to Thalassa but went to Broadway instead. Was kinda bummed but that meant I could dress up a bit more and I'd been waiting for a chance to wear the Free People dress I got from Fly.. ANNNNNDDD my Jeffrey Campbell over the knee boots. Fortunately the weather was perfect in the city that night. Love the boots. They definitely are going to be my go-to boots for going out in the SF cold. Saturday we finally went to Mecca and visited Irwin's cousin in Pittsburg. Mmmmmmm flour chips. Watched the Mayweather/Marquez fight. I was so torn as to who I wanted to win. I hope Pacquiao can take out Mayweather.. he was a lot faster than I thought he was. Can't WAIT for that fight! Then lazy Sunday today, washed Sadie so she's shiny and lookin brand new! Did some laundry, had some yummy bbq chicken/pineapple pizza while Irwin tried to explain football to me. He's trying to turn me into a Niner's fan.. but I couldn't focus on the game so he gave up lol.

Is it sad that I'm already waiting for next weekend??

Friday, September 18, 2009


Came home after work yesterday in a foul mood.

What possesses people to drive like a maniac??? I will never understand it. I can understand it if I did something wrong and they decide to cut me off or do some other ridiculous move, but no. I seem to come across just general assholes.

Anyway, so foul mood yesterday. Didn't feel like whining to Irwin, but being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, he still picked up on it and tried to cheer me up by catching up on my shows (that I know he loathes) with me and getting a new DS game that he thought I might like. And to top off the evening he gave me a much needed shoulder rub while we watched Entourage. We're tv and gaming nerds what can I say.

I love him.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mr. West strikes again...

It's gonna be a looooong day today... Miss the bf already. Poop on having to work late today. On the plus side, having dinner with Uri and her boyfriend at my old favorite spot that was taken over by new people. Rohan is now Mazu. Hope its just as good as it used to be.
Can't wait till the weekend!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Empire State of Mind

awesome weekend. slept in. went to class. walked around our favorite store, fry's electronics. went home. spa night - mask, mani, pedi. tried the other matte color by sephora - black - What's a tire jack?. LOVE IT. came to the conclusion that i'm addicted to the matte look. thunder storms, lightning and rain = my favorite. makes staying in on a saturday night THAT much better. caught up on true blood. watched the season premiere of vampire diaries - it was so-so. i like the main girl. watched supernatural till i fell asleep. went to get new tires for irwin's car. wandered around costco and was mocked when i went to pay for a 3lb bag of almonds. "one thing? that's it??" funny costco people. went home. continued to watch supernatural till i fell asleep. caught up on the vma's. and am currently obsessed with new york (actually i have always been as it is my hometown, and oh how i long to go back). kanye west is a straight up ass. loved taylor swift's dress. and ms. keys and jay-z were off the motherf***ing hook.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Moon Walking

I felt the need to make a separate post for my LA shopping day with Jenny. Unfortunately I didn't think to take pictures (I never do that because I ALWAYS need to take pictures), but the sights and sounds of everything around me made me forget I had a camera.

First hit up Venice beach, which was kinda cool to see, but there was nothing particularly different that I couldn't see like say from the Santa Cruz boardwalk. So shopping along the beach was kind of a waste of time. Then went to a different part of Venice, not far from the beach, and looked around the cute boutiques. Was determined to buy SOMETHING so that going to Venice wouldn't be a total bust, so I bought this awesome Free People Slash Dress from this lovely boutique called Firefly.

Then got a little hungry and headed over to Toast Cafe, where first we saw one of the guys from Rage against the Machine (still don't know who it was), Ashley Parker Angel from O-Town, and Aaron Carter. Ashley is very pretty in person. I mean he was always pretty, but in person he's even more pretty. I don't understand it. And then on the way to the bathroom, Aaron Carter was blocking my way to the bathroom, and I couldn't tell if he was doing it as a joke or if he was just being an ass. Didn't matter anyway. Oddly enough I was looking to see if my friend Devon was with him as they work/hang out together sometimes, but since he wasn't there I didn't bother to say hi or introduce myself. I have to admit, although they aren't A-list people, I was still starstruck. I mean they LOOK like normal people!

We left Toast superbly happy with the "entertainment" and the meal. We then proceeded to look for Opening Ceremony which was a bit of a problem considering the sign was made of wires with no background to contrast against, which made us, the drivers/passengers completely miss it. It wasn't until I saw the "Open" in the word Opening that I realized that we had passed it. The shop was awesome, filled with stuff I could only dream of possessing. At first I only bought a couple of things from the Erin Wasson x RVCA line, but then Jenny and I walked over to the shoes and accessories section, and fell in love with these.

Hello Lovelies. Welcome to your new home.

After that, we decided we should end our shopping day on a good note, and left. ^_^ These are the most unbelievable shoes ever. So comfortable! Okay, time for me to sleep. Good night!

Cherish these Moments

Had a WONDERFUL Labor Day Weekend-vacation! Spent time with the parents, hung out with old and new friends, and got to see parts of LA that I've never seen before. Had a good amount of rest and relaxation as well as fun quality time with the parents and Irwin. I miss my fam and LA already. I rarely ever miss LA.

Anyway, felt totally refreshed and ready to get back to the hustle and bustle at work. Turns out its going to be an even shorter week than I thought! Apparently, our team is doing volunteer work tomorrow so we can use up our volunteer PTO. How awesome is my job? I absolutely LOVE my job. But alright, onto the pictures.

At John Wayne Airport waiting for Irwin to arrive.

Jenny, my new/old friend at Toast Cafe (thanks Cupcakes and Cashmere) where we saw Ashley Parker Angel (O-Town) and Aaron Carter.
My jalapeno chicken and eggplant on pita with sweet potato fries. Delicious.
We dragged Irwin with us shopping around LA. He's actually happy to be eating his Turkey Club.
This place just looked hella off to me. And there was a guy sitting there staring blankly into space.
At Dave and Busters at the Block with my fellow high school cheerleader. Co-captains for life!
My bro.
vest, Zara. Tank, bra, and skirt, f21.
Aww.. mini high school reunion.
One of my besties.
Trying to get a good pic with the Acne Atacoma Wedges. LOVE them.
Good ol' Bui. Always down to hang out :-)
Not sure what this was at Santa Monica Pier.... A bunch of crosses and 3 "coffins" with flags over them.
Enjoying the sun ^_^
Mom was enchanted by the dancing gold man.
I love so cal.
Had to get a pic with the Ferris Wheel.
Mom and Pops.
And the Mochi.

Just finished playing The Beatles Rockband, Irwin got it for me because he knows how much I love love LOVE the Beatles. I have to say, this has been the best day.. best WEEK so far this year.. total happiness all around! And today is 9-9-9.. my lucky number. Fantabulous!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Currently in love with this matte nail polish by Opi for Sephora.

Application is somewhat easy, but it takes a while to get it just right as it dries pretty fast. Can't wait to try the other colors!!