Thursday, August 20, 2009

..sometimes it's even better.

Went on a mini shopping adventure with Uri. Spent 30 minutes deciding on some fantabulous (but kinda out there) Alice + Olivia boots.. but decided on this one by Christian Siriano instead:

Can't wait to wear it! Got a few mini skirts and yet another sheer top to add to my collection of white tops. Bought this AMAZING knuckle ring from Forever 21 that I'm pretty sure I'll wear until it a) turns my finger green or b) I lose/break it. It's my new addiction:

Also got a bolero for the first wedding (of three) that I must go to this year. Tried on everything and I must say I am very proud of my outfit. Can't wait to wear my D&G dress this Saturday!!

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Zinnia said...

Duuuude I didn't know you got those booties too! I was totally gonna go to the mall and get them today after online shopping hahaha!! Dangit...