Tuesday, August 11, 2009

boom boom booooooom

Vegas came and went. I miss my parents, Richie, Mochi, and my little nieces. The weather was PERFECT. I had somehow come at the most opportune time (weather-wise).

America's Next Top Model: Isabella

Fat, FAT Mochi

The Broham

The kids started at crying at Rainforest Cafe because they were scared of all the moving animals. Especially the giant gorilla that was seated right by their table. Poor kids. Poor adults who had to calm the screaming kids. Amelia looks just like her daddy. And she looked just like her daddy when he was a baby. WEIRD.

Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity. In Vegas. Yup.

Spudniks. Next time must try the Empire State Onion Rings and the Mac N Cheese Pizza.


deep_in_vogue said...

What a great post!! You look so gorgeous, your smile is simply stunning!

Blicious said...

great pictures!! looks so much fun! :)

Gabrielle Morabito said...

I loved your pictures. I miss seeing your family. I kind of LOLed at the one of your dad just b/c ... you know, he's ur dad <3 (square-elz!). Looking over this makes me wish I had a large extended family, like you and your cousins. LUCKY! :D

Maritess said...

thanks ladies! and thanks Gabi for the comment lol. ya my dad.. oh dad. and yes gotta love the cousins!