Friday, August 28, 2009

Don't Worry Baby

This scene always makes me happy:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Move Over Edward...

Lately I've been obsessed with True Blood. Stephen Moyer and Alexander SkarsgÄrd make for a pair of hot hot hot vampires. But what makes this different from Twilight, at least for me, is the leading lady, Anna Paquin, aka Sookie Stackhouse. I must say her role in this show is so much better than on X-Men. And her character is much more likeable than that of Bella from Twilight. So what exactly is this obsession with vampires? In a recent interview with Anna Paquin, she provides the perfect explanation for this sensation that's sweeping the hearts of tweens, teens, and all other women across the world. (images and interview via Nylon)

“The thing about vampirism is that it taps into a female point of view – you have an old-fashioned gentleman with manners who is a fucking killer… it’s an interesting duality, because in our present society it would be an odd thing for a woman to say, ‘I want my man to be physical with me.’ How, as a modern man, can you fucking work that? It’s one thing to be polite and gentle… But when do you know it’s OK to crawl out of the mud and rape her [as Bill does in one scene]?... It’s difficult stuff for a bloke, but a vampire gets away with it…. I think that’s the attraction of the show – it’s looking back at a romantic time when men were men, but they were still charming.”

I loved her interview and her photos. And it helps that she's wearing all my favorite designers...

Top by DKNY, Skirt by Louis Vuitton, Necklace by Tom Binns Design, Shoes by Christian Louboutin, Tights by Falke

Blazer by Elizabeth and James, Necklace by Ioselliani

Blazer by Elizabeth and James, Jeans by DKNY Jeans

Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Dress by TopShop

Blazer by Elizabeth and James, Bustier by D&G, Necklace by Ioselliani

Vest by Diesel black and gold, Skirt by Dolce and Gabbana

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dinner and a wedding

Finally got around to posting the pictures from dinner with my favorite ladies. Greek food and making fun of each other = good times.

Yesterday went to Irwin's friend's wedding. It was lovely.. very intimate and it was great meeting Irwin's friends from high school. Good people = good fun. (Like my calculations so far?) FINALLY had a reason to wear my gold D&G dress. Made me feel like a million bucks. ^_^

Friday, August 21, 2009


My new babies:

Thursday, August 20, 2009

...cut up!!

DIY for the weekend:

..sometimes it's even better.

Went on a mini shopping adventure with Uri. Spent 30 minutes deciding on some fantabulous (but kinda out there) Alice + Olivia boots.. but decided on this one by Christian Siriano instead:

Can't wait to wear it! Got a few mini skirts and yet another sheer top to add to my collection of white tops. Bought this AMAZING knuckle ring from Forever 21 that I'm pretty sure I'll wear until it a) turns my finger green or b) I lose/break it. It's my new addiction:

Also got a bolero for the first wedding (of three) that I must go to this year. Tried on everything and I must say I am very proud of my outfit. Can't wait to wear my D&G dress this Saturday!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

shades of gray

via Paris & Pascual, mike & chris alastair convertible jacketvia Paris & Pascual, Hellz shoulder pad sweater

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

boom boom booooooom

Vegas came and went. I miss my parents, Richie, Mochi, and my little nieces. The weather was PERFECT. I had somehow come at the most opportune time (weather-wise).

America's Next Top Model: Isabella

Fat, FAT Mochi

The Broham

The kids started at crying at Rainforest Cafe because they were scared of all the moving animals. Especially the giant gorilla that was seated right by their table. Poor kids. Poor adults who had to calm the screaming kids. Amelia looks just like her daddy. And she looked just like her daddy when he was a baby. WEIRD.

Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity. In Vegas. Yup.

Spudniks. Next time must try the Empire State Onion Rings and the Mac N Cheese Pizza.