Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My laptop is on the fritz (read:memory disk is full, and now i'm backing up any and everything to my external hard drive). So now I'm on the computer Irwin built me, yes built, from scratch, granted it's a PC but I have 2 freaking huge monitors that are AWESOME. I love him.

So, 2 days down on my diet/exercise/reading. I feel FABULOUS. It's amazing. I was always against counting calories, but now I have this thing from Mydailyplate.com where I can track the food I eat. It even had ENSAIMADA, how awesome is that. Anyway, so tracking my calories is great, and I've found that I haven't been hungry.

Went running in the intense heat yesterday and ended up with some gnarly tan lines but it was worth it. I'm completely sore but it's the good kind of sore. My arms are sore too.. Gotta build muscle and I know my arms are the weakest part of my body.

Then today went for a walk with Irwin since he pulled something while weight lifting yesterday. It was a lovely today, not as hot, and we haven't gone for a walk in a good long while.

Anyway, wanted to post some pics from the weekend before I go to bed.

Happy to be getting my Green Tea Frap w/ Boba from Boba Loca. Yum.

At Redondo Beach waiting for the yummy crab.



The arcade at Redondo Beach hasn't changed since I was 9.

So excited when I found cotton candy.

Richie was excited about his Churro.


uri said...

wow mochi is so fat. you will never know she was a chihuahua in that video clip. LOL

Blicious said...

cute pics!!!

Maritess said...

lol yes mochi IS fat..

and thanks Brandi!

Mare said...

mmmm i'm craving dungeoness crab now!