Sunday, July 19, 2009


I can't believe it's finally Sunday. The weekend just flew by, but it was good times all around.

Friday, went to Mercury for our monthly design crew hangout. Never been to Mercury but its definitely a spot I want to visit often. Good service, good company, good music. Basically any place that plays Musiq SoulChild is a good place to me. Had fun with Uri playing dress up at her apartment before we met up with everyone else. Hair, accessories, and make up galore!

in Uri's car waiting for the cab to arrive

loving Uri's new haircut

half of our design class
Uri got squished into the corner with the triangle chair
somehow we all fit into this tiny corner room..

Tee, Mossimo (Uri's); Bra, Silence and Noise Corset Bra; Bracelet, Aldo (Uri's), Jeans, Bubblegum

Saturday night we went to Zebulon for Vlad's birthday. Awesomeness and drinking all over the place. I always love when all 3 brothers are in town.

Jacket, Alexander McQueen for Target (thanks Uri!!)

Dress, H&M; Shoes, Steve Madden; Earrings, F21;Chain Purse, Ceasar's Palace

Best looking guy in the club.. ^___^
The cousins


Elena said...

Lovely pictures!

Rochelle said...

Love your blog, Maritess! And yes, that's Burnie. Wow, small world, huh?

Gabrielle Morabito said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Is Ms.Bones back in town for good?!!

Maritess said...

Yep, Janelle's back for good!!