Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day

I love long weekends. I love the celebrations, the food, and the sleeping in.

Friday, July 3rd, I had the day off (I think pretty much everyone except Irwin had that day off lol). Met up with Uri at Yvonne's where I chopped off more hair. Then went downtown to finally get our shopping in. SOOO many good finds that day.. my poor card. Uri is pretty much my good luck charm when I go shopping. Without fail, I will ALWAYS find the most awesome things when I'm with her, including 2 dresses that I fell in love with a la Herve Leger... this AWESOME chain necklace, ring, and bracelet, Zara vest and sweater which I was pretty flipping excited about. It was my first time inside Zara and they had all the most amazing designs that weren't ridiculously priced!

Saturday, went to Janelle's house for her 25th birthday. She's growing up so fast! lol.. seems like only yesterday when I turned 21 and she did her Happy Birthday song and dance for me in our apartment, and then walked with me to the corner liquor store to buy my first batch of alcohol... Sparks. Gawd that stuff was great.

Uri and I came up with this idea to get her a cardboard cut out of Edward because she was being stubborn about her birthday present. Needless to say, it was a bit creepy, but extremely funny when she opened the door to see him "standing" there.

There was great food to be had over there, a lot of singing (well.. except in the beginning.. when everyone was pretty much hesitant to start singing. Turns out Uri is an awesome singer.. I don't think I've ever heard her sing. And then Ai finally caught on and started belting out all sorts of Beatles songs. Oh gosh, I love these girls.

Had to wear a maxi dress to the BBQ instead of the shorts I wanted to wear. For some reason my legs were attacked by fleas and I had these disgusting little bites all around me knees. I don't know how I was attacked by fleas because I haven't been near any kind of animal, I haven't been hanging around outdoors, I've pretty much been in the office and home.. BUT, we did have "Bring your dog to work day". Only thing is, my building wasn't allowing pets, so maybe someone from the other building (where all the dogs were), brought back some fleas with them. I'm still applying this topical cream my doctor gave me, and they're shrinking a little everyday.. but they're such a pain in the butt. And they're super ugly.

Afterwards Irwin and I went to Chrissy Fields back in the city for more BBQ and drinks with some friends. It wasn't as cold as I thought it would be out there (judging from the clouds as we drove in from sunny San Jose). Then afterwards hung out with Jon, Astra, and GJ at GJ's PHAT condo near Potrero. Played with the dogs a lil, had some yummy Little Star Pizza (didn't know that they don't only make deep dish pizza.. but it was still just as good). Then we headed to Tony/Ratha's house to watch the fireworks on their rooftop. They have an awesome view of the city from their apartment, and we saw fireworks coming from all directions around the city, it was AMAZING.

Here's one of the views of the city skyline:

Me and Astra chillin on the rooftop (literally because it was quite cold up there)

And then Renee joined us

We went to Holy Cow afterwards, had a shot that made my stomach hurt the rest of the night, and then attempted to go to Rye somewhere downtown, but couldn't find parking and called it a night.

Sunday, woke up at 1:40 in the afternoon. I couldn't believe we slept that long but for some reason we were just exhausted. Cleaned up a bit, then watched Boyz N Da Hood (it was free on HD on Demand). I had been hesitant to watch it but Irwin insisted that I watch it with him and it turned out to be much better than I expected. There were a handful of actors in there but the best were Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus from the Matrix), and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Did some reading, and didn't fall asleep till probably midnight.

All in all, a great weekend.

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