Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sickness and stuff

For some reason.. I started to come down with something Sunday night. Monday morning, I woke up and my lungs felt so sore.. like I'd been coughing all night. In reality, my allergies were acting up all weekend so I had been sneezing like it was the end of the world almost every 10 minutes. So by Monday morning, my lungs were pretty exhausted. Had to call in sick yesterday and today because I basically don't feel well enough to leave the bed. Achy body + coughing = even more achy body.

Too bad. It's such a beautiful day outside.

On to other things.. I just realized the Topshop photo contest is over tomorrow, so I need to pick one of the many pictures taken by Tina and Zinnia and choose just one to turn in. The theme is "your favorite outdoor space".. So here it is.

Wearing: Charlotte Ronson Tunic, Forever 21 leggings, Leather Hi-top Chuck Taylors

Wearing Miss Selfridge Dress, H&M vest, Zinnia's leggings, Wedges by Cathy Jean

Wearing: Heroics shredded tee, Zinnia's leggings

Wearing: Knuckle ring by TrendtoGo, hawaiian ring and bracelets, bracelet from Cabo

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Zinnia said...

LoL I love how part of your outfit was "Zinnia's leggings."