Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Lately I've been running on Auto Pilot. I've been so tired the past couple of weeks because I have been lacking in my much needed 8 hours of sleep.

Granted the reason for my lack of sleep was worth it.. but the past couple of days I had no REAL reason to be staying up so late. Maybe it's just me getting used to going to bed at 8:30 again? It's still odd to me to be sleeping while it's still somewhat bright outside, but once my head hits the pillow I seem to just pass out.

I've been so lazy since we got back from Vegas, and yesterday when I finally put the pictures onto my computer, I felt too lazy to post them here or on Facebook. I took this as the Universe telling me to stop what I'm doing and go to bed.

On another note, my shopping has gone down somewhat. I felt like I was buying tons of things for the trip to Vegas, and now that it's done I can just chill for a little bit. Give those little plastic cards some rest. Except for when I had to buy tickets yesterday. To Vegas. AGAIN. But for August. I can't wait to see little Amelia again. I hope she's more smiley next time.

Don't have any other thoughts right now except for my wishing to be back in bed. Hopefully I'll be able to post up pretty pictures tomorrow. But for now, this is the most beautiful picture to me:

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