Monday, June 15, 2009

Let it be...

Recap of Vegas trip (about a week later..)

-Met the girls at SFO, I was last to arrive but it wasn't my fault! There was traffic on the bridge!
-Stressed out over getting in trouble with 2 ziploc bags full of liquids instead of 1.. only to find out that they didn't care.
-Started a chat room on the plane (Virgin America).. and making ridiculously umm.. inappropriate messages for us to giggle about. Took pics in our seats (unfortunately Uri had to sit by herself in another row.. :-( but she fell asleep anyway haha

-Met my wonderful auntie who picked us up from McCarren airport and got to ride in her equally wonderful Mercedes.
-Checked into the hotel at New York New York and upgraded our room which we found was completely unncessary because there was a pillar occupying the space that we probably paid extra for:

-Went to the Orleans Buffet. For some reason its our go-to spot everytime I'm in Vegas to visit. -Finally saw Isabella and Big Amelia! Amelia is the carbon copy of Steven (her daddy/my cousin), it's ridiculous.

Of course we also ate a ton of food.. look at the desserts.. we each had 2 plates in our hands...

-Went back to our room to chill for a bit... Started to feel super lazy.. but we managed to get ready and look super hot for our first night out together in Vegas..

Uri's dress from Shopnasty Gal was soooo awesome on her..

dress, Shopnasty Gal. shoes, Jeffrey Campbell

We all posed in front of our random closet with the cool art deco design...

-We took a cab to the Encore (sister hotel of the Wynn) to go to XS.. the newest club on the strip.
-After gawking at the Encore's beautiful architecture and design.. we finally found the entrance to the club and luckily we were early enough that the crowd wasn't too painful to bear.

-Woke up at the buttcrack of dawn .. literally.. because our curtains were all open so the sun was shining right onto our slightly hung over faces..
-Attempted to tan by the pool despite the thick clouds that hung over us.. sat in our pool chairs for about 10 minutes before it started raining. Resigned, we went to the diner that was in our hotel and ate breakfast where I completely pigged out. We checked outside again and the clouds had magically disappeared so we stayed by the pool for a few hours until all of us except Ai got too hot to tan anymore.
-We all got ready to go walk around the strip and meet up with my cousin Chris.

-They build a Serendipity in Las Vegas!! I was ECSTATIC! I saw the awnings and I was thinking.. that looks like Serendipity.. and sure enough.. it was.. so we went and enjoyed the wonderful Frozen Hot Chocolate that they are famous for.. and I was reminiscing about the first time I had it when I went to New York with Irwin. It was awesome.
-Then we took our piggy selves (we were eating practically all day), and got ready to go out to Moon at the Palms.

"It's snowing in Vegas!!"

They had the foam thingy like they have in Disneyland with the fake snow.. and they started started to make it snow!! It was so freaking awesome! Moon was even better than XS (at least I thought it was).. the music.. the crowd.. the VIEW... and the retractable roof! Super drunkness = good times = scandalicious pics of Ai haha.

P.S. This was one of the most memorable songs of the night, compliments of the DJ that night:

Woke up not too hungover which was a surprise.. got ready to leave.. ate breakfast at the same diner in the hotel.. searched for Wheel of Fortune slot machines because the 50 cents Janelle had were burning a hole in her pocket haha. Our flight was delayed and we were so pooped.. but we had such an awesome time... Love these girls.

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OOH! Vegas is so fun! You ladies are all smokin' hot! Love your outfits!

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