Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I saw this girl's blog today and discovered my dream wedding dress and my dream bridesmaid dresses.

Here's the wedding dress:

and the bridesmaids dresses would wear this, but in the color theme I would like for my wedding:

I'm not PURPOSELY thinking of weddings, but since I've seen so many people I know getting married left and right, it kinda makes me wonder about how I'd like my wedding to be and naturally, how I'd like my dress to look.

On another note, we might be going to Maui in October for a wedding too which prompted the whole wedding post. But I found these pictures purely on accident and I fell in love.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Shredded Tee

I was inspired a while back to create a shredded tee which was actually inspired by Erin Wasson wearing one by Racquel Allegra as seen here.

Luckily, Camile of Childhood Flames created a video tutorial so that I would not have to spend the gajillion dollars I have lying around, to buy one such tee.

So after about 6 hours (within a span of one week), and 3 Men's Hanes tees, this is what I was able to create, and I must say I loved it. I loved it so much, I did it to my Heroics tee that I try to wear as much as possible because its the perfect "airy" top for this summer heat wave.

On Father's Day, I turned Kristy, Irwin's sister, into my model. I let her try it on and it was an instant hit. Naturally all of the male cousins couldn't believe that I took that long to as in their words "rip a shirt", but it was still a hit among the aunties and uncles which is all that matters lol.
Kristy's wearing:Tee by me, F21 belt, Silence and Noise Corset Bra, H&M shades, her own jeans,necklace, and shoes

And of course, the picture of "designer" and "model".

I'm wearing: Hanes shredded tee, AA mesh bodysuit, F21 shorts

Kristy was a fantastic model, and we had fun playing "dress up".. so much fun that I had forgotten to eat and was shaking by the end of the day. I made Strawberry Cream Cupcakes that I ended up eating throughout the following day (read: breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner), but it was fabulous and I wish I had taken a picture of how pretty they were before they were gone. It's okay though, it gives me an excuse to make them again.

The Hangover
- LOVED it! I don't remember the last time I watched a movie and laughed every 5 minutes. Except for Twilight. Too bad Twilight wasn't supposed to be funny.
Transformers - Okay, I thought it was just as good as the first one, but a lot of other people thought the first one was better. I'm easily entertained though, so my expectations for this movie were met.
Next, I want to see The Proposal, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sandra Bullock, and Ryan Reynolds. They're funny separately but TOGETHER. Oh. Em Gee. Can't wait.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Billie Jean Was Not My Lover...

I got in the car today after work.. and about 5 minutes into my drive, the announcer says "Breaking News: Michael Jackson has just had a heart attack."

I'm thinking.. okay.. that sucks, but he'll pull through.

--10 minutes later--
"Michael Jackson has just been pronounced dead. He is survived by his children.."

I'm in the car totally freaking out. First instinct, call my mom.

I then proceeded to call/text anyone and everyone cuz its MICHAEL JACKSON! He was like THEEEE King of POP. So sad. So this post is dedicated to Michael Jackson. Your music, and your Moonwalk, will never be forgotten.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sickness and stuff

For some reason.. I started to come down with something Sunday night. Monday morning, I woke up and my lungs felt so sore.. like I'd been coughing all night. In reality, my allergies were acting up all weekend so I had been sneezing like it was the end of the world almost every 10 minutes. So by Monday morning, my lungs were pretty exhausted. Had to call in sick yesterday and today because I basically don't feel well enough to leave the bed. Achy body + coughing = even more achy body.

Too bad. It's such a beautiful day outside.

On to other things.. I just realized the Topshop photo contest is over tomorrow, so I need to pick one of the many pictures taken by Tina and Zinnia and choose just one to turn in. The theme is "your favorite outdoor space".. So here it is.

Wearing: Charlotte Ronson Tunic, Forever 21 leggings, Leather Hi-top Chuck Taylors

Wearing Miss Selfridge Dress, H&M vest, Zinnia's leggings, Wedges by Cathy Jean

Wearing: Heroics shredded tee, Zinnia's leggings

Wearing: Knuckle ring by TrendtoGo, hawaiian ring and bracelets, bracelet from Cabo

Thursday, June 18, 2009


That song by Jazmine Sullivan has been stuck in my head all morning. No reason why.

I've been losing weight for some reason.. and not that I'm complaining.. but it MUST be due to my green-tea-and-Sour-Cream-and-Cheddar-Ruffle-chips-for-breakfast diet.

So while I may be losing weight, my arteries are getting severely clogged but I can't seem to stop. Those damn chips are so cheap at work that I can't resist. So after today, I am going to stop. I swear. I've been eating like crap for the past few weeks and I'm pretty sure my insides are dying. Must eat more salads.. But I feel like when I don't eat the food that I want, THAT'S when I gain the weight back. I just don't understand my body sometimes.

Anyway, today is looking B-E-A-youuuuuutiful! I can't wait for the weekend. Irwin and I are gonna go to the Academy of Sciences (finally!) and wander around the city.. NOT do any shopping (will explain in a bit).. and eat at Roy's because everyone at work was raving about it and I feel like we haven't eaten anywhere fancy in a while. But that's just us though, and I like that about us. We're not into super fancy places to eat because even though we LIKE to eat.. I guess we're not picky? We'd always rather go experience some place awesome.. and then eat at some delicious mom&pop shop somewhere.. I feel like those places always end up having the best food (aka Steve's Korean BBQ in Berkeley) But anyway, so hopefully we won't be lazy like we usually get and end up staying home... oh well! On another note, our 3 year anniversary is coming up. I already have an idea of what to give him, and thanks to Uri I know how I can get it done! Wish I could post about it but Irwin has the link to my blog now so I must keep it a secret! I can't wait cuz its going to be an awesome present, at least thats what iiii think! ^_~

Okay so about the shopping.. I'm gonna follow Uri's steps and pick July as the month to not shop. At all. For anything. Even the Marc Jacobs bag that I'd been resisting all summer that is now currently on sale at Barneys.com. ::cryyyy:: Oh Mr. Jacobs why must you always make the most awesome bags AND shoes??

I feel like summer is when I need to start saving for Xmas presents anyway, so it'll be a good thing.

But my latest and greatest buy was from Target yesterday. I've been on the hunt for the past few weeks for the best nude/pale colored lipstick/lipgloss, and I found both yesterday. The lipstick is by Jemma Kidd and its called English Rose and I love how smoothe its application is, and the color is perfect!

Then I also bought this Maybelline Volume XL lip plumper gloss in "born with it" and it's also amazing! I was so excited and I couldn't believe I'd find good make up at Target! I'll be sure to take some pics soon with them on.. its lovely. Even Irwin indirectly liked it by complimenting how I looked yesterday haha.

So at least I'm done with my make up hunt. Uri and I need to get our blog together soon.. oh the fun we'll have with that one.. so many DIY projects to make.. pictures to take.. clothes to try on.. and the shoes! Oh my!