Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Updated Memorial Weekend

Alrighty so we got back last night around 7:30, I packed my lunch for work, unpacked the GINORMOUS amount of food my mom made me take home, watched the last few minutes of the Laker game with Irwin, and then passed out. But I got my 8 hours of sleep so I wasn't too tired today.

But now I will recap the fun that was had this weekend:

I wanted to leave by 12 at the latest.. but Irwin didn't get off work until around 12, and he still had to finish packing, take care of my car.. and eat. So we didn't leave till about 2:30. Just as we got onto the 5, I was hungry because we both hadn't really eaten lunch, and I was craving Carl's Jr all week so we stopped at the first sign of that happy yellow star. The drive down wasn't actually too bad, before I knew it, we were already driving through the Grapevine.

But of course, the traffic started once we were halfway through LA. GOOD GAWD the traffic. It was terrible. I don't know how people can live and commute in LA. It's so crazy. Anyway we finally made it home, and of course my parents insisted that we eat till we couldn't eat anymore. And for some reason I wasn't tired so I ended up playing around with Mochi till about 1 or 2 in the morning. I had wanted to go to Paul's birthday party at Libertine but the traffic in the other direction towards West Hollywood was ridiculous.. so that was a no go.

Woke up around 8 to my favorite home cooked breakfast by mom and dad. Just bacon and eggs, but its always the best bacon and eggs I ever eat because they make sure the bacon is always wonderfully crispy.

So after feeling fat, we got ready and went to the Citadel to do some shopping. I haven't been there since I was a child, so it was cool to go back and see this place that my aunt's loved to go to every time they came to visit. Richie was our trustee chauffeur. It's always wonderful being able to hang out with him. It's always good times.

I found some awesome clothes at Levi's and American Apparel. And Richie bought me these AMAZING white leather high top chuck taylor's that I fell in love with. Thanks Richie!! I also bought a shirt that I ended up changing into afterwards because it was lighter to wear than the shirt I had on.

I was also getting the most awesome compliments on my outfit in almost every store I went to. From my boots, my shirt, to my lipstick. It was great. And this one girl even stopped to tell me she had the same shirt, except she bought hers at Urban Outfitters for 60 bucks, and I told her mine was from Forever 21 for 20 bucks. Needless to say she cried.

And then we decided we didn't have time to see the Queen Mary so we headed home for some yummy Korean BBQ. Then decided to take some pics before I forgot:

We also went to get my favorite drink ever, a Green Tea Frappuccino with Boba from Boba Loca. I've only seen Boba Loca in So Cal, and they're the only ones who make it. It's pretty much heaven.

After dinner, we watched the rest of the Laker game and then went to good ol' Buena Park Mall to watch the new Terminator. I must say that I actually really liked the movie. I'm really not a film critic and I always say I'm the worst person to ask if a movie is good because as long as it entertained me, it was good. Irwin on the other hand is super critical of movies and he didn't like it as much. He said the story line wasn't that great, like they put the movie together hella quick. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to the story line though. The guy who plays the new Terminator though is pretty awesome. But this movie was still not as good as Start Trek.

It was already pretty late when we got out of the movie, but we went to Richie's new place for a mini photoshoot with his roommate. I don't have the pics yet cuz Ron still has to upload them, but here's the pre-photoshoot pics I took. Ron is pretty good at this, his set up was awesome too.

The Minorities is the dance group my brother is (or was?) part of. His apartment is also apparently only a temporary spot until the actual apartment is done being built.

The Grove in Anaheim where Jamie Foxx is set to perform. One of the many views from Richie's apartment.

Woke up late, got ready to go to Tara's to visit baby Lana (born 10 lbs, 22 inches). We got there and she's basically this cute little fat blob of a baby. I loved it. Too bad she was tired the entire time we were there.

We didn't stay too long because we were SUPPOSED to go to the Queen Mary, but all of us were hungry so my parents went to South Coast Plaza while me, Irwin, and Richie went to the Spectrum to go eat.

mmmmm Cheesecake Factory. I had my favorite cheesecake, the White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheese Cake.


Didn't feel like shopping afterwards so we went back to Richie's spot and played Resident Evil 5. It was pretty funny. Then went home. Ate some more and chilled till it was time to sleep.

Took pics of Mochi, packed, ate and sang the whole way home.

And some miscellaneous pics from the trip:

phew. that was a big picture post. I miss So Cal already. Miss the parents, Richie, and Mochi. Can't wait to go back home again.

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