Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Suze Orman


It was so awesome!! She's the nicest person EVER. And I could feel how powerful she was.. it was quite intimidating.

Anyway, she came to our office on Monday to give a talk, and a select few were allowed to be in the auditorium to see her talk, the rest of us had to settle for her talk via web conference in one of the meeting rooms. So there I am in complete awe that she's there speaking to us, and I'm sad that my name didn't get picked to be in the auditorium.

However.. her books were being sold in our other building (where she was giving the talk).. so I went over there after her presentation was over.. and just as I'm getting in line to buy the book (which was pre-autographed), a door opens and out comes Suze herself, about to walk right in front of me.

In a panic, I grab her arm quickly (but as gently as I can) and ask her if she can sign my book (another book that I had that inspired me to be smart financially). And she happily obliges until I realize I have no pen!! I ask anyone and everyone for a pen and she even had to follow me to the front desk to ask our receptionist for one.. and she signs my book and I was lucky enough to have my picture SORTA taken with her.. (someone was just taking random pictures)

Too bad its kinda dark.. I haven't had time to edit the lighting in Photoshop.. but AHH! hopefully she has passed her Money Magic Powers to me!!

I have the stupidest expression on my face but that's because I was still in disbelief that I was lucky enough to meet her.. and then I think I was talking. But no, I suppose I always have a stupid expression on my face.. :-(

On a whole other note.. I had my First Final yesterday.. I'll be officially done with the semester on Saturday. Last night's final though was such a joke. I mean.. My professor is already ALWAYS unorganized, but damn, he gave me a final that was missing a page.. and then replaced it with someone else's answers!! It was distracting me and making me second guess my answer choices.. but whatev. On to Chemistry!!

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