Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An outfit post

The fashion blogs that I've been obsessively reading lately, have prompted me to be a little more creative when it comes to my clothing. So I've decided to document my day to day style (whenever I can) just to see how it progresses.

Here is what I wore to my final.. and proceeded to wear till night time on Broadway. It was my shredding project (inspired by a blog.. just can't remember which one). It came out much better than I thought it did.. but I should've taken a better pic of the shirt itself. I was too camera shy though:

I guess I'm going backwards, but this is what I wore on Friday to work. It was beautiful today, but somewhat cold in the morning, so my old or shall I say "vintage" denim Guess jacket was perfect to put over a dress:

Oh btw, thats not a real cigarette. That was Kat's Electric Cigarette. Its basically a portable hookah. It's supposed to help smokers quit. It's pretty awesome because you can smoke pretty much anywhere, as the smoke that comes out of your mouth is just water vapor.. And Kat got the menthol flavored one and it was pretty delish.

Okay, that is all. It's almost bed time and the Sudafed has started to kick in. ::yawn:: good night.


row`mel said...

try eclipse cigs

Maritess said...

what are those??