Monday, May 18, 2009

Haight with Uri

I had been so excited all week to hang out with Uri, do some shopping, and see Star Trek again so I could see Chris Pine.

But there ended up being some downers to our long awaited hang-out.

1. The stupid drunken people that participated in Bay to Breakers. I think we just got there after everyone had pretty much gotten belligerent. Everyone was so rude, and irritating, and annoying. In almost every store we walked into, there was SOMEONE arguing with the store owner/cashier. It was ridiculous.

2. It was pretty hot yesterday, and all of the intoxicated people along with their BO were rampant EVERYWHERE.

3. We witnessed one fight on the sidewalk.

I mean when we first got there, it was awesome to see everyone in costume and what not.. but after a while I just wasn't happy anymore. The mixture of heat and annoying people really got to me.

And THEN, we, actually Uri, almost got ripped off at a little vintage shop. Drama drama drama. Stupid cashier lady. But whatev, we will be more careful from now on.

Uri found her beloved two finger ring, but it was ridiculously expensive. And I couldn't find my knuckle ring, a la Elizabeth and James ring:

But I did walk away with an awesome beanie from this equally awesome hat store, Goorins Bros.( Note to self, take Irwin there)

And then we were going to watch a movie.. but then minds were changed and I headed home, which was actually okay because I was pretty tired. My allergies were attacking me.

Watched Push and went to bed.

Woke up this morning and couldn't hear right. My head felt so stuffed up even though my sinus wasn't. I still hear funny.. but hopefully it goes away by the end of the day. Ugh.

Also, today is Day 1 of my Special K/any other cereal diet. Already had my one bowl and am due to eat a banana at 8. I'm kind of excited to go running after work today. I've missed it.

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uri said... many posts to read. but i love how you edited out some of the drama lol

next time -- to berkeley! and maybe san jose for sprinkles cupcakes