Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 2: Special K Diet

Yesterday I thought I would be fine on this diet. I've done it before and its not like I'm starving myself, I'm simply limiting the amount of food I eat.

But then, something happened to my ear. Not sure what it was, but I called the doctor to make an appointment after work. I think I mentioned it in my previous post, but I was hearing things funny out of my left ear, like an echo of my voice. Or when I was playing music in the car there was this weird echo but it made the voice of the singer sound deeper. It was so strange. It was like there was cotton in my ear and I couldn't pop it.

Anyway, so back to how my ear affected my diet. Kinda. I started feeling light headed and dizzy, so I thought maybe I was hungry. I had a bowl of Special K and then a banana 2 hours later, but my body is used to 2 bags of chips at least and 2 pieces of toast ALONG with a bowl of cereal by 10am. So, not wanting to faint at work, I went to get a bag of Doritos. (I fail.)

And that's another thing, vending machines are EEEEVIL. ESPECIALLY the ones at work because they're SO cheap! 25 cents for a bag of chips when at any other vending machine they'd be $1.00. They make it so easy for me to just go up and take whatever I want. However, I find myself getting anxious everytime I make a selection because I'm scared that my chips or cookies will get stuck, which has happened only a couple times, but thats enough to make me nervous.

Stupid vending machine. A blessing and a curse.

So after I eat my bag of chips I'm okay, and then I continue the rest of my day on my diet.

Go to the doctor, and he tells me my eustachian tube is clogged because the rest of my ear is fine. So I can't really do anything except take a nasal spray he prescribed and Sudafed to try and drain it. Gah. I was hoping to wake up feeling better but the clogged tube is still clogged.

And back to the diet. I already had my bowl of cereal, and I also had some lemon water to help "cleanse" my system. Hopefully it won't make my stomach hurt too much, but I guess its for the best. Can't wait to go home and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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