Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So lately I've had the urge to do some major shopping. And not just any kind of shopping.. at F21 or H&M, I mean MAJOR shopping. I feel like I haven't shopped for myself in SO long, I need to treat myself to something that I want. So I'm making a list of the things I want to buy for myself before 2009 is over:

Christina Louboutin - so classy.. I hope if I have a daughter, she will have the same shoe size as me so I can pass these on to her..

Irwin bought a Tiffany's Charm Bracelet for me, and I unknowingly lost the charm :-( I now need to buy a charm and this is what I had in mind:


And lastly, this awesome Marc Jacobs City Bag that I can use FOREVER:

ok i SWEAR this is the last thing

It would be so lovely if I could get ALL of these things this year.. . ::sigh:: so many things I want.. so little time to work and afford them..