Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Well, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I can't wait to pig out. I'm excited to see Irwin's newphews, they're the most awesome little boys I know. I hope my kids turn out just like them.. (at least at that age).

And yet, I have this feeling of melancholy.. leaning more towards sadness and a bit of guilt. I haven't spent Thanksgiving with my family in a while. It's always so hard to go home because plane tickets are so expensive.. and I didn't have a car to drive home. And now I have a car, but I have to work.. and I felt sad yesterday when I told my mom what I was doing for Thanksgiving.

I'm so needy. I remember being scared of losing sight of my mom when I was a child. I used to hate going to the mall especially with my brother, because he had no qualms at all about just running around hiding in the clothing racks, while I on the other hand refused to leave my mother's side. So just as we're about to leave, my mom tells me to go looking for my brother.. and then while I go looking for my brother, the whole time I'm panicking thinking I won't find my mom again. What can I say, I guess I was/am an insecure child. If I were a boy, I'd be a momma's boy for sure.

anyway, I feel bad because while I'm having fun eating great food with Irwin and his family, my parents and my brother are just gonna go to some restaurant. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. I can't wait to go home for Xmas and spend time with them.

so until then, i'm just gonna continue to be excited about what I'm getting my family for Christmas:




Monday, November 17, 2008

The craziness has begun..

It is little over a month till Christmas, and I'm wrecking my brain trying to figure out the best Christmas presents for the people I love. At least my Christmas list is short this year.. sticking to only the people I am close to and of course my immediate family. I figure if its a short list, I can get better gifts for them, and essentially that's the only thing driving me to save save save! I won't buy anything for myself until after the holidays are over.. I need to save every penny.

I'm excited because I have some great Christmas presents lined up and I can't wait to see their reaction.

Anyway, I don't have much else to say cuz its 7:30 in the morning and I haven't completely woken up. I'll try and post some more later... ::yawn::